Jared’s Podcast: Episode #167

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Part of the fun of putting this podcast together is hearing a song that I want to feature and then connecting it with some older stuff that would fit well with it. I came across an EP this week by a band called Least of These. The EP has been out for a while and they’re just prepping for the release of their first full length. As a result, they’re giving the EP away for free. You can grab it here. Listening to this made me jump back into some other releases like Thrice, So Long Forgotten and Tallhart. I played with pairing a few songs with The Call and wound up choosing a Tallhart song. The same thing goes for the Vinyl Thief song. I wasn’t planning on a using an Arcade Fire song but listening to Faces just made start thinking of Month of May, so I had to use it. Here’s what you’re hearing this week:

Joel Plaskett Emergency – You’re Mine from “Scrappy Happiness”

Least of These – The Call from “More Than Conquerors”
Tallhart – Sister Of Mine from “Sister Of Mine”
Vinyl Thief – Faces from “Rebel Hill”
Arcade Fire – Month Of May from “The Suburbs”

Ane Brun – Neighbourhood #1
Dreamend – Winter Wheat from “And the Tears Washed Me, Wave After Cowardly Wave”
Woodpigeon – Chelsea Hotel #2 from “The Bard of Montreal” (Download it here.)

New Terrors – Teething Troubles from “Mother”

Thanks for listening and I’ll see you next week.

Jared (@mtroads1

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