Put Yr Heart Into It – 027 – The president will drink Bud Light

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It’s heady times we are living in no? This week’s podcast title is in tribute to the Silent Talkie Radio pseudo-summit happening in New Haven, CT this week, when Jared and I will travel into America. I will not forgo the Dunkin Donuts this time around.

1. “You go on ahead” by Sunset Rubdown from “Dragonslayer”

I’m a noted Wolf Parade fan, and I’ve passed on Sunset Rubdown in the past… not that it’s bad, but just not for me. After all the positive reviews I’ve heard about one, I gave it a chance and it was totally worth it. It rocks really hard and keeps things pretty interesting, with some very cool guitar tones to boot.

2. “Death Death Death” by Burn Planetarium

While you’re waiting for the new Tokyo Police Club record, this should do. I like it, but its pretty hard to shake that they are just straight up copying their sound. That’s alright though, because I think TPC are already sick of their “early style” if those “slow” new songs are any indication.

3. “Chop Chop” by Ryan Dahle from “Irrational Anthems”

This was so good I went looking for “Tinfoil” and anything Age of Electric on iTunes. There was none. Sad face emoticon.

4. “Don’t Say No” by The Parkas

5. “Step Off the Map & Float” by Library Voices from “Hunting Ghosts EP”

Easily the best song off this buzz band’s EP, except that chorus lyric bugs me. “The Patron Saints all patronize me.” I’ll have to give that one more thought.

6. “Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones cover)” by Deer Tick

Man, I’ve been so nasty this podcast, but I actually enjoy these songs this week, so please bear with me.

7. “Heavens to Purgatory” by The Most Serene Republic from “…And the Ever Expanding Universe”

…And they get back to living up to their potential.

8. “Genesis 3:23” by the Mountain Goats from “The Life of the World to Come”

I haven’t been too excited about any Mountain Goats records since “The Sunset Tree,” which still rocks my world, but after hearing about this new record (Just check out what Darnielle has to say about it here), I’m excited. They’ve always had an interesting take on Biblical topics (like in my personal favourite, “Love Love Love”), and from this track so far, I like where he’s going with it.

9. “We Used to be Friends” by the Dandy Warhols from “The Dandy Warhols are Sound”

“The Dandy Warhols Take a Little Sheen off a Wicked Album’s Overproduced Sound.” Necessary? Not really.

10. “Tetra Pack Heads” by Black Mold from “Snow Blindness Is Crystal Antz”

Yep, still pumped over this one.


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  1. Jared says:

    I’ll always have a soft spot for the Dandy Warhols, but it was completely unnecessary for them to release that album.

    That said, I still like that song.

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